As said in the part-1 of this piece,the easily picked world power tussles brought about the WW1—started 1914 ends in the 1920s…another spring forth in 1939 ends in 1945… both giving the world one thing in common—LOSS! If truly the end justifies the means…then the end means of power is LOSS! Yet there’s a system to control the Spirit Bird from a distance. You need a tiny long rope! That’s all you need to control.
Oh yes a tiny long rope…my childhood days taught me this—if you want to sustain power, get a KITE!

As a young lad I could recall making a nylon kite with stick brooms…the kite is useless until I tie a rope at the tail end just to tract other neighboring kids, I have to make my kite strong and durable so it could fly high against all odds amidst the winds. So before I could even say jack…Jacks are all around me playing the kite game. Hahaha…somehow, I control these guys—first thing is making my domain a centre of attraction, then I make sure my rope is long enough to control my little spirit bird up there. “The farther it goes, the more attraction I make”… that was just the trick back then.

Today, the only trick that can control POWER is WISDOM. A wise man will not hold unto a spirit bird—a wise man will not cage a spirit bird either…instead a wise man gives the spirit bird a restricted freedom…a wise man controls his spirit bird at his perusal just like a drone…Ha-ha. All a wise man need do is to fasten a tiny long rope at the feet of his spirit bird…Poom! Power becomes a subject to him.
For example the ‘Tech geeks’ today can shut down any Nations trade transactions with their fingers…they need not acquire a Political Power to do that…all they did was to create a SYSTEM that will command World Presidents to their finger tips. I need not tell you how influential Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey (President Trump wouldn’t trade his Twitter account for anything)…these are BIG MEN to the world; they control what’s going on, dictating for the world. Talk of the world Philosophers/Scientists in Albert Einstein, Plato, Aristotle, Aristarchus of Samos, Williams Shakespeare Stephen Hawkings and more…dead but not forgotten. Men who didn’t need a battalion to capture the universe at their finger tip. Another glance into Holy Scriptures (the book of Kings)…here I found a king who ruled a nation for 40years without a single opposition! Not even from neighboring states. It was a 40year peaceful reign. A feat no political leader has ever matched till date. Any day anytime I give it to the WISEST KING ever lived KING SOLOMON/SULEIMAN! He never had to battle any nation to get tributes, He bothered less on capturing cities so as to instill fear…all He did was to build a SYSTEM that will make the world look stupid without Him.

Few verses out of his numerous words
 “Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men”
 “Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding”
 “For wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can be compared to her”
 “Wisdom is like honey, if you find it, there is a future hope for you”

Emerging into the 21st century, observers came to understand that HARDWORK don’t pay, SMARTWORK does! We are in a century where technology in First World Countries is speeding on nitro, people are inventing newness each day, machines are massively substituting human labor, systems are being built around institutions, institutions is being built in already made systems, fossil-fuel is gradually going extinct, solar energy is making waves. Believe me first world countries are already a century ahead of the entire Black continent. Africa needs to WISEUP!

 It’s high time the EAGLES starts flying above the high mountains
 High time the CHIPOLOPOLOS starts firing their bullets to glory
 High time the INDOMITABLE LIONS starts hunting globally
 High time the ELEPHANTS starts dominating global fields
 High time the BLUE SHARKS starts dominating the sea
 High time the BLACK STARS starts dominating the sky
 High time the GO BOYS GO BOYS start becoming Men and stop thinking like boys.

It’s high time we started to make and appreciate newness… Africa needs to stop being the dumping site for first world countries…our ideas needs to start going global…our inventories needs to start serving us. Our leaders needs to stop being greedy…the populace must have a rethink. We are not majority for nothing…we are not blacks for nothing. The black race needs to start dominating and stop being dominated!
Oh dear, we need no battalions to achieve this feat, all needed is for us to start thinking right.

Writer: Jare Jamal.