Obviously, Africa as a whole is the place to be when you want a perfect blend of the tropics and the sandy Saharan areas. Both have great tourism potentials so much so that they have afforded Africa her priceless luxury safaris, unimaginable verdure, and an inestimable wildlife. Africa is in the business of protecting and conserving her heritage, so also is she concerned about the conservation and development of her ever freshly green environment, caverns and water bodies. Eco-friendly spots are simple yet sophisticated nature loving attractions.

1. Majete National Park in Malawi

Did you know that Lions were relocated here from South Africa to this Eco- fascinating destination? Most obviously for the quality of the Majete National Park; talk about the beauty and perks of conservation. Right in this eco-beauty, many depreciating species have been resuscitated. With such devotion and commitment from all the Safaris in the continent, Africa need not worry about endangered wildlife species.


2. Serra Cafema Camp Namibia

Located along the Kunene River, in Namibia. This is one typical example of a side by side fusion of the tropics and the desert; quad riding is definitely in the list, have a cattle rearing experience with the Himba people; after which you have the luxury of serenity back at the lodge.


3. Tongabezi Lodge & Cottages Zambia

Tongabezi consists of a dashing lodge and cottages, all situated near the famous Zambezi river. This tourist attraction was discovered and established in 1990 by 2 eco-tourism enthusiasts- Ben Parker and Will Ruck-Keene; together they founded the Tongabezi wonders. Rumour has it that this is a site to consider for your honey moon vacation or a romantic weekend getaway.


4. Palm’s Wilderness Retreat South Africa


Like the name implies, the palm wilderness offers you the luxury of listening to your own thoughts, away from all hustle and bustle. This natural facility is found along the South African Garden Route, enjoying a great deal of the tropical beauty; it has a spa and an outdoor swimming pool appended to it.

5. Grootbos Natural Park South Africa

Grootbos is a natural reserve privately owned by the Lutzeyer family under the Grootbos foundation. The South African exotic eco-spot lies between a mountain and a sea which is home to sea animals such as, penguins, whales, dolphins, sharks and seals. The botanical features also are not hidden, they add to the beauty of this destination.